Belgian Top Athletes Let People See the Special Olympics through Different Eyes


Belgium has about 165,000 people with intellectual disabilities. In fact, 1 out of 10 Belgians know someone facing these challenges in their immediate environment. Yet somehow, it’s a topic that goes unspoken. Time to break this taboo by supporting athletes with an intellectual disability.

"A Great Performance Deserves a Great Audience" is the foundation of an in-your-face campaign–conceived by LDV United–literally with the faces of three Belgian top athletes. Jean-Michel Saive, Kevin De Bruyne and Kim Gevaert ask whether it is acceptable for top performances by athletes with intellectual disabilities to remain unnoticed.

"Why do athletes with intellectual disabilities receive so little attention?
They train hard and deliver peak performance,”
wonders Kevin De Bruyne.

Would you still be a fan if we looked like this?

The re-processed portraits of the three Belgian athletes resulted in beautiful–but confrontational–images; De Bruyne, Gevaert and Saive were given the eyes of a Special Olympian. Would they have as many supporters if they had an intellectual disability? It’s a question to kick off discussion about athletes with an intellectual disability and help break the taboo.



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